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At dBelectronics, we focus exclusively on the design, production and marketing of hardware and software for noise control and management. Investment into R&D, customer collaboration and our highly-trained workforce mean that we can continuously progress towards more efficient products, but without neglecting the simplicity of operation and installation.

All this, combined with the great results we have achieved in recent years and the trust given by all our customers, have placed us at the forefront of the electroacoustics and noise control industry.


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Our Philosophy :
The best results always

Since the outset, our efforts have always focussed on delivering the best possible user experience. When we design a new product, the most important thing is to make sure that all the work conducted is useful for society as a whole, over and above our own internal goals or profits.

At dBelectronics, we know what we do and how we can improve. We have managed to solve complex issues and incorporate continuous upgrades into our products, which are already national and international benchmarks in the industry.

We reduce noise pollution
and achieve a more pleasant atmosphere.

Our Team

Our highly-qualified, multidisciplinary team with vast experience in IT and technology provides customers with in-depth knowledge on the design of hardware and software for noise control and management.

All our enthusiasm and everyday work is reflected in the design of our products, in continuous evolution and created for the benefit of society, with the main goal of creating a more liveable environment.

High-quality sound.